a graphic of a floating seahorse to the side of text that reads CBCA 2023 Childrens book week.

2023 Children's Book Week® resources

CBCA's key highlight national event of the year is Children's Book Week®. This year the official week is from Saturday, 19 August – Friday, 25 August.

However many schools, libraries and community organisations fit their celebration of children's books in and around their busy calendars to make the week work best for them. The idea that our weeklong book party can extend throughout the weeks and months is music to our ears.

So whatever time of the year you plan to celebrate Children's Book Week® please feel free to use our authorised promotional imagery and help us spread the word about this year's annual, cross-generation memory-creating, celebration of children's literature, books, characters, and stories.

Your 2023 authorised promotional images

With thanks to the amazingly talented illustrator Matt Ottley, the 2023 CBCA Children's Book Week ® theme "Read, grow, inspire" comes to life in the striking flying hero seahorse carrying young readers through an endless, boundary-less, sunlight lit space where imagination has unlimited scope for growth and infinite possibility.

Enjoy using any of the following 2023 Children's Book Week® resources endorsed by the CBCA. As a condition of this permitted usage, we ask that you respect the intellectual property of the artist and the work of the CBCA, preserve the artwork, and do not alter it in any way or combine it with any other imagery. Please use best efforts to credit Matt Ottley's authorship of the artwork. Please also note that Children's Book Week is a registered trademark of the CBCA, and should be referred to as "Children's Book Week®".


Celebrating the CBCA 2023 Book of the Year Award Shortlist

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