text graphic that reads Reading is Magic

2024 Children's Book Week® resources

CBCA's key highlight national event of the year is Children's Book Week®. This year the official week is from Saturday, 17 August – Friday, 23 August.

However many schools, libraries and community organisations fit their celebration of children's books in and around their busy calendars to make the week work best for them. The idea that our weeklong book party can extend throughout the weeks and months is music to our ears.

So whatever time of the year you plan to celebrate Children's Book Week® please feel free to use our authorised promotional imagery and help us spread the word about this year's annual, cross-generation memory-creating, celebration of children's literature, books, characters, and stories.

Your 2024 authorised promotional images

With thanks to the artistry of Australian award-winning illustrator Jess Racklyeft, the 2024 CBCA Children's Book Week ® theme Reading is Magic hero images of wonder and awe are perfectly positioned to help transport young minds, helping us celebrate stories and marvel and power of reading. We are encouraging kids to be curious about the wonders in our world.

From June we will publish some select images that we encourage you to use as part of your own Children's Book Week® celebrations, activities and advocacy. Bookmark this page for quick reference back later in the year when our collection of resources will be released.

2024 Book of the Year Award Notables critiques make finding great stories easy

From 7.00 p.m. AEDT. when the 2024 CBCA Book of the Year Awards Notables are released you will be able to download a copy of <!--a href="https://cbca.blob.core.windows.net/documents/BookOfTheYear/2024/2024_CBCA-Notables-critiques.pdf" target="_blank">Notable Australian Children's Books 2024. A useful guide for all "story guides" so you can make informed choices about the very best stories to share with young readers. By supporting young people discover good stories to read we are growing our reading culture.