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Nan Chauncy Award

Named after noted Tasmanian children's author Nan Chauncy, this biennial CBCA award honours people who have made an outstanding contribution to the field of Australian children's literature.

The Award consists of two parts: 

  1. A citation written by the judges.
  2. A commemorative plaque. It is customary to present a plaque made of Tasmanian timber.

History of the Award

From 1983 to 1998 the Award was presented every five years. At the CBCA's AGM in 1999 it was decided that the Nan Chauncy Award be given biennially, in even-numbered years (up until 2014). The Award in 2000 was presented at the CBCA 5th National Conference in Canberra and in 2002 at the 6th National Conference in Perth.

Administration of the Award

The CBCA Nan Chauncy Award is administered by the CBCA National Board who may delegate responsibility to a Coordinator.

The recipient must be an Australian citizen, no matter where residing, or a person who has been resident in Australia for at least five years. In the case of a person who is not an Australian citizen, eligibility shall cease at the time when the person ceases to be a resident of Australia. The recipient shall be a person who has made an outstanding contribution, over a period of years, to the field of Australian children's literature. Such a person could be an editor, publisher, teacher, librarian, bookseller, lecturer, researcher, author, illustrator, etc.

Nominees must be living at the time nominations close.

Award Recipients

Jan Nicholls - 2021 Nan Chauncy Award recipient

CBCA Lifetime Award logo

CBCA Lifetime Achievement Award

The CBCA Lifetime Achievement Award recognises a long-standing contribution by an Australian citizen to Australian children’s books and a lifetime commitment to Australian readers.

Current and Past Award Recipients

2022 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Margaret Wild

Margaret is one of Australia's most highly respected picture-book writers whose award-winning children's books are loved by children all over the world. She has published over seventy picture books. Margaret creates picture books that explore diverse and universal themes, particularly issues of identity, trust, love, relationships, devotion and death in a manner that is respectful of children. She has also written Jinx and One Night, which are verse novels for older children and teenagers.

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2019 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Paul Jennings AM

Recognised at the CBCA 13th National Conference 'And Now They're Laughing!' in Canberra.

Australian children, and indeed children around the world, have been turned on to reading by writers of humour. Paul Jennings has made an important and significant contribution to the success of Australian books for children.

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2016 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Robert Ingpen AM

Recognised at the CBCA 70th Book of the Year Awards in Sydney.

Robert Ingpen’s widely acclaimed books and diverse artistic endeavours and achievements have created a lasting legacy for Australian readers.

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Other CBCA Awards

CBCA Citation for Distinguished Services
This national award recognises ‘long and dedicated service to the work of the National Council of the CBCA’.

Muriel Barwell Award [Western Australia]
A biennial award for distinguished services to children's literature in WA.

Leila St John Award [Victorian Branch]
An annual award for distinguished services to children's literature in VIC.
Lady Cutler Award [NSW Branch]
For distinguished services to children’s literature in NSW.

Dame Annabelle Rankin Award [Queensland Branch]
A biennial award for distinguished services to children's literature in QLD.
Laurie Copping Award [ACT Branch]
For distinguished services to children's literature in the ACT.

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