Margaret Hamilton AM tribute

From the Children's Book Council of Australia Chair, Wendy Rapee.

On November 24, 2022 we lost one the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s foundation stones—Margaret Hamilton AM. Margaret has been our guiding light, our fiercest advocate, our cheer leader, and our intellectual powerhouse. Both the Book of the Year Awards and the CBCA Awards Foundation have grown in stature because of her dedication and unwavering service. The Australian publishing community, and specifically our children’s literature creatives, have been nurtured, mentored and inspired by her razor-sharp mind and focus on producing quality stories for our young Australians. Her legacy is enormous and the CBCA is mindful and dedicated to our responsibility in ensuring its care. Margaret will be missed by us all.


Read our full tribute to Margaret Hamilton AM


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The rear side of a twenty coin featuring a wombat eating a coloured carrot

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